"Master your Prospecting Skills, Skyrocket your Confidence and Recruit More Reps in 3 Months than Most Network Marketers Do In Their Entire Lifetime!"
The PRICE for A-TEAM (Feb. 13th Class) is 
"The A-Team Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive! Learn the Exact Strategies that have Made Todd Falcone the Most Well-Respected Prospecting and Recruiting Coach in the Network Marketing Profession!"
Todd Falcone
Top-Gun Network Marketing Trainer
From: The Desk of Todd Falcone
Location: Bend, Oregon

Dear Fearless Networker (or soon to be!),

I am beyond excited for you right now!! Literally, writing this letter has me SO FIRED UP that I can barely stand it!!  

You’re about to embark on a short little 90-day business shifting journey that’s going to provide you with exceptional prospecting skills, massively increased self-confidence in your recruiting efforts and help put your business into hyper-growth!

You’re about to learn every one of my personal strategies and secrets for dominating in your recruiting game.  

Your confidence is going to skyrocket, and so is your personal production!!
If you’ve been in network marketing for more than a week, you know full well that prospecting and recruiting is THE most important activity and skill you need to master to make it big in this profession.
"To Thrive Long-Term in Network Marketing YOU Must Be Exceptional at Prospecting and Recruiting New Reps and Customers!"
There’s one thing I’m extremely well known for in the network marketing profession…and that is PROSPECTING!         

Over the years, I’ve come to be known as THE “Go-to-Guy” when it comes to teaching people how to dominate in their prospecting and recruiting efforts in network marketing. It is my specialty.  

If you’re ready to acquire the skills, know-how and the confidence to become a top recruiter in your network marketing company, then the A-Team Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive is for you.  
"What’s the A-Team Prospecting and
Recruiting Intensive
 all about?"
If you’ve been plugging into me for any period of time, you’ve no doubt heard about my A-Team program.    

I’ve been running this Group Coaching and Accountability Program since 2008 and have had literally thousands of network marketers around the world go through it and see HUGE leaps forward in their businesses.  

Many past A-Team participants have doubled their checks, hit bonuses they’d never earned before, recruited more than they ever have…and developed a level of self-confidence that they never thought possible as a result of going through this program.  

Make sure you watch and read a few of the testimonies below to hear from others just like you who’ve already gone through it.
"What People are Saying about A-TEAM..."
Julie Hansberry
"You have to continually surround yourself with others that want the same..."
“I started following Todd over 7 years ago. He is one of the first trainers I started tapping into when I started in this profession. I have purchased every training he has ever produced. So why would I do A-team? Not just once…but multiple times? Because when you want to build a business and create long-term success, you have to continually surround yourself with others that want the same. You have to keep your head in the game and be sharpening your saw continuously. You get that with A-team… along with the accountability to stay on track, and regular challenges that stretch you just a bit more each and every day. A-Team rocks!”
-Julie Hansberry
Tiana Gustafson
"Before A-Team I was struggling to find a true system for my day-to-day income producing activities to learn how to consistently grow my network marketing business"
“As a busy homeschooling mom of two, I was already working from home, but I never really knew what I was accomplishing each day. I was pretty much winging it, and so you can imagine my “results”. Since starting A-Team, I have implemented tracking my activities and results the way Todd recommends. My weekly paychecks have doubled and tripled because I have consistently followed the systems, created new habits and had awesome accountability through Todd’s A-Team. I also appreciate the honest feedback and weekly calls to keep me on track. I think A-Team’s 12 week time frame is the perfect amount of time to really implement new habits. If you’re considering A-Team- stop considering, and just DO IT! :) Follow the system, be humble, work hard and you will create the success you deserve!”
-Tiana Gustafson
Matt Laporte
"I was the in the position to pick and choose who 
I wanted to work with…"
“Prior to A-Team I was struggling in my business. I had a lot of mental roadblocks. I felt stuck and didn’t know how to change and grow my business.

Since committing to Todd’s A-Team I learned priceless knowledge and have a game plan to follow. The best part is 2 weeks ago I grew my posture and skills to the point where I had people asking to work with me and I was the in the position to pick and choose who I wanted to work with.

That is priceless.”
-Matt Laporte
Cheri Alguire
"I have made more contacts than I had in the prior two years…"
“Prior to my first A-Team, I was wanting to start a ‘blast’ in my network marketing company, but I wasn’t really sure what that meant. Your tracking tools made it easy to figure out a base-line and then measure my progress as you encouraged us to kicked it up a notch or two.

Since being involved in the past two A-Teams, I have made more contacts than I had in the prior two years. I have enrolled customers and distributors, but more importantly, I have a new “normal” and know I can easily double or triple my numbers when I need to focus on activity.

Thanks, Todd, for always keeping it real!”
-Cheri Alguire
Jeff McGeary
"I highly recommend Todd Falcone’s A-team for those who are ready to climb to the TOP…"
“Prior to A-team, I built my networking marketing company exclusively thru warm market contacts. Then the reality we all will face: cold market recruiting. With Todd Falcone’s A-team, I faced the challenge head on. After a thorough self-evaluation and an awareness of my decisions, I was empowered to take action!

I forced myself to track my activity, evaluate my results and most importantly: ACT! My consistent prospecting efforts resulted in a new-found posture and confidence that projected via the telephone and in person. And the best part is, I had fun! Action is the foundational key to all success; I highly recommend Todd Falcone’s A-team for those who are ready to climb to the TOP!”
-Jeff McGeary
Paula Fontinel
"Thank you Todd for all of your support to help move me forward…"
“I didn’t really know what to expect in the A Team, but I knew that I needed a different focus and fresh ideas from others in this industry. I learned something new every week. I felt such a strong sense of accountability that I did not miss a single session and turned my points in each week without fail.

I strive to be, do, and have more in my life because of principles taught in this team. I have not arrived at where I want to be, but my momentum is taking off, and my resolve to make this work has never been stronger.

Thank you Todd for all of your support to help move me forward! You know your stuff!! I’m all in for this business and industry!!”
-Paula Fontinel
Brett Eater
"It was a life/business changing experience for me…"
“I found Todd through one of his Monday night calls, MLM Power Hour. I have purchased a few products here and there (learned much from them). I finally decided to pull the trigger on the A-Team.

It was a life/business changing experience for me. The weekly calls set up a structured approach to taking daily action and holding myself accountable for my online business. The journaling and tracking helped me to identify holes in my approach.

I have re-thought my entire approach to lead generation and marketing through the 12 weeks and have started to see some increased conversions, in addition to lower lead generation cost.

I will be taking the program again in the future.”
-Brett Eater
Mary Schroeder
"Since being involved in A-Team, I’ve been able to pinpoint not only the roadblocks, but the key drivers leading to my future success…"
“Hi, my name is Mary Schroeder and I’ve been in my network marketing company for the past four years. Prior to being an A-Team member, I felt I had varied levels of success in my business, eagerly seeking the path of abundance rather than deprivation, but not really able to put my finger on exactly what were my roadblocks.

Since being involved in A-Team, I’ve been able to pinpoint not only the roadblocks, but the key drivers leading to my future success AND how to map it out to get there! And the best part is I feel I’ve found answers to reach beyond my definition of full potential, both personally and professionally.

I’m thoroughly excited about my future! Todd’s immense wisdom comes down to three simple words. If you are an A-Teamer, those words are seared into your mind. If you aren’t an A-Teamer, reach beyond your definition of full potential and become one.

A-Team is more than a program; it is a 12 week journey into understanding which path you have yourself on in your business.”
-Mary Schroeder
Ben Powell
"You Have inspired me to jump into Network Marketing full force…"
“You Have inspired me to jump into Network Marketing full force. With your upfront direct in your face honest approach and very informative coaching skills are best to none real they are. On a wide variety of subjects even the way you keep people in the loop and interested is unique.

I will recommend you and your products to any one one my team as it builds and to anyone I see needing your help in anyway. You are truly a great leader in our industry. 

See you on stage sometime soon and keep up the fabulous work.”
-Ben Powell
Staci Bockman
"I now have the skills necessary to sponsor large numbers of people into my network marketing business…"
“Hi, my name is Staci Bockman. Prior to being part of Todd Falcone’s A-Team, I wasn’t sure what to do on a daily business to earn a professional income in my business.

After participating in his 12-week Accountability Program I now have the skills necessary to sponsor large numbers of people into my network marketing business and am growing my check faster than I previously thought possible.

The best part for me is that I now have daily habits that I can follow, which is leading me closer to my personal and financial goals!”

See you on stage sometime soon and keep up the fabulous work.”
-Staci Bockman
Roy Uhl
"If you want to take your business to the next level Todd Falcone can show you how to get there…"
“After becoming overwhelmed with my main career I had become dormant in my networking business. Todd Falcone’s A Team experience is like a shot in the arm. 

Todd’s knowledge and experience in network marketing combined with his straight forward approach is phenomenal.

If you want to take your business to the next level Todd Falcone can show you how to get there”
-Roy Uhl
Casey Eberhart
“My check literally DOUBLED as a result of participating in you’re A-Team…”
“Dude! My check literally DOUBLED as a result of participating in you’re A-Team. 
So much so, that I have done EVERY A-Team you have ever offered! Keep it up!”
-Casey Eberhart
Colette Ellis
“Since following your trainings and you’re A-Team, I have personally sponsored nearly 100 people…”
“Prior to meeting you and attending your trainings, I knew nothing about network marketing. Since following your trainings and you’re A-Team, I have personally sponsored nearly 100 people!”
-Colette Ellis
Dan Elias
“Todd Falcone’s A-Team is an excellent choice for anyone who is serious about building their business…”
“I can only tell you that participating in Todd Falcone’s A-Team is an excellent choice for anyone who is serious about building their business and digging into whatever makes you tick. In the end we are only accountable to ourselves and the people who rely on us to make good on our promises. If you take the A-Team seriously you will find yourself making good on your promises and being accountable to yourself and your business.

Late into Todd’s A-Team I had to step out of the calls for a few weeks. Before I became an A-Teamer I had made a promise to my son that we would drive cross-Country for the Summer. I thought I could do the trip and keep up with the A-Team calls. I scheduled poorly between events and dying phone batteries and so I missed accountability calls.

What I did do was take the tools, direction and motivations I learned in the earlier part of my accountability journey and focused it as much as I could into the time I did have on the trip. Before the trip I had made a list and collected names of people I was going to call about my business. On the road my 13 year old son became, to my prospects and to me, my “Assistant” and chief note-taker as I drove my 5-6 hour shifts. We had a great time. He became excited about my business and we even added a few new folks, too.

I look forward to retaking Todd’s A-Team knowing this time that I am truly “All In” because I came away knowing that if I can build on the road with my son driving 3000 miles between LA and Chicago and then in NY that I’ll be all the better at building my business having ALL the tools I need.”
-Dan Elias
Gwen Field
“9 weeks of A-Team this year, I have personally added 21 new business builders and customers to my team…”
“You are kicking my butt! This is my second “tour of duty” on the A-Team, and the weekly accountability challenges, the stretching, the tools you keep giving us to overcome our short-comings are extremely effective.

How AM I showing up? It’s not always a pretty picture, but in 9 weeks of A-Team this year, I have personally added 21 new business builders and customers to my team: my best first quarter in 3 years, and tonight I worked out for 30 minutes right after your call.

The whole time my sluggish body was saying, “No!”. Thanks, Todd. ”
-Gwen Field
Ed Euken
“Your emphasis on making dials and recording results was a huge benefit to me…”
“As a result of my participation in A-Team, I am now comfortable using the phone as a prospecting tool. Your emphasis on making dials and recording results was a huge benefit to me. 

I enrolled in A-Team because I was aware of your emphasis on using the phone and knew that your course would force me to get over my reluctance and fear of prospecting by phone.

Thanks for your encouragement throughout the last 12 weeks. It was money well spent!”
-Ed Euken
"A-Team is Your Personal Trainer for Your Business!"
A-Team has always been and will always be first and foremost an Accountability Program designed to help people step up to their higher potential and DO the things they WANT to do, but for many reasons just can’t seem to do it at the level they know they’re capable of.  

A-Team is for you if…

…you ever procrastinate and put stuff off. 
…you need a little encouragement to keep you going. 
…you need a little “kick in the butt” to get moving!  
…you aren’t staying as consistent as you’d like to be.  
…you have any fears or hesitancy related to prospecting.  
…you’ve hit a plateau that you can’t seem to break out of.  
…you need to work on your prospecting and recruiting skills.  
…you’re not getting the kind of results you’d like to be getting even though you’re putting the time in.   

A-Team is a lot like hiring a personal fitness trainer, but for your business. If you’ve ever worked out with a personal fitness trainer, you know that you when you’re working out with your trainer…you push way harder than you would by working out all alone.  

A-Team is a 12-Week Accountability and Intensive Training Program that helps you to get laser focused on revenue producing activities and become hyper-aware of what you’re doing or not doing in your business.

During the A-Team Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive, you’ll be tracking very specific business building activities so you know exactly what you need to change in order to produce more and become the successful network marketer you want to be.  
"The Most Comprehensive, Laser-Focused Recruiting and Prospecting Training I’ve Created In 15+ Years of Speaking and Training Full-Time!"
Over the past nine years of running back-to-back A-Teams several times a year…there’s always been a “training component” to the program. 

While the focus has always been on Accountability and helping people step up to a higher level of productivity…we’ve always provided training.  

The challenge has always been not having enough time to cover ALL of the subjects we want to cover in one 12-Week A-Team session. That’s all changed…

This ALL NEW, HIGHLY SPECIALIZED PROGRAM is 100% focused on teaching every aspect of prospecting and recruiting you can imagine.  

During the 12-weeks…you’re going to learn every trick in the book when it comes to prospecting and recruiting. And…I do mean EVERY trick in the book.  

I’m literally going to spend every waking moment of this experience diving deep into prospecting and recruiting skills and strategies.

If you’re like me and want to know exactly what will be covered during this training…let me fill you in!

“What are you Going to Learn?”
"Here’s what you’re going to learn during my upcoming 12-week A-Team Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive:"
  • How to Become a Masterful Rapport Builder and Connector and never again have one of those ‘awkward’ moments when getting to know someone. 
  •  How to Increase your Personal Charisma making you a ‘magnet’ for success. 
  •  How to Completely Stand Out from the “Pack” and never again be that person that they can’t seem to remember.  
  •  How to Become a Referral Generating Machine and have people happily sending you more referrals than you can possibly handle.   
  •  How to Crush it in your Warm Market without ever alienating a single friend who looks at you like you’re ‘using’ them to make money. 
  •  How to Dominate on Social Media and put attraction marketing at the forefront of what you do online.  
  •  How to Recruit Professional, High Quality People into your Business so you can focus on bringing in the kind of people who actually DO something rather than simply give you “lip-service.” 
  •  How to Become a Master at Networking in Social Groups like, Facebook Groups and other Networking functions.     
  •  How to Recruit People Literally Everywhere you Go and never be perceived as “that network marketing person who can’t ever seem to shut up about their business.”
  •  How to Master the Art of Cold Market Prospecting and feel completely comfortable talking to someone you’ve never met before.   
  •  How to Tell Powerful and Intriguing Stories that cause people to give you their credit card on the spot to join you.  
  •  How to Increase your Posture and Confidence even if you haven’t made any money yet.  
  •  How to Recruit at Least One Person a Week even if you are working your business only a few hours a week  
  •  How to Become a Follow Up Pro and never again let anyone slip through the cracks or ever feel as if you’re ‘chasing’ people.  
  •  How to Overcome or Obliterate Literally Any Objection and never again worry about what tough question a prospect is going to throw your way. 
  •  How to Close Bigger Packages to help you create a higher percentage of success stories on your team.  
  •  How to Easily Turn Customers into Productive Distributors.  
  •  How to Eliminate Call Reluctance and Prospecting Fear for Good so you never again sit at your desk ‘twiddling your thumbs’ and angry that you let another day of productivity pass you by.  
  •  How to Quickly Get Past Frustration and Discouragement so that you stay focused, on task and get back to business quickly. 
  •  How to Leave Intriguing Messages that Get People to Call you Back.   
  •  How to Effectively Use your Company’s Guarantee to get people who are on the fence to make a decision now.  
  •  How to Increase your Credibility and Be More Convincing so more people take you seriously and want to join you on your journey.  
  •  How to Make 100% Sure that you are Constantly Improving your Prospecting Skills so that you don’t find yourself stuck, in a rut or feel like you’re slipping backwards.  
  •  How to Execute a Recruiting Blitz and get more people on your team to step up their personal recruiting game.  
  •  How to Move AWAY from using Scripts so that you sound more authentic and real.  
And…YES, there is more. But…that bullet-point list ought to be enough to get you to register right now before we hit capacity.     

The A-Team Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive is very likely going to be the most robust and comprehensive prospecting and recruiting training you’ve ever taken part in as a network marketer.
"Here’s What’s Going to Get During A-Team:"
  • 12-Weeks of Intensive Training exclusively on the subject of Prospecting and Recruiting. 
  • Weekly Access to Me with ample time each week to ask questions and gain clarity on subjects being taught.
  • Private A-Team Facebook Group to interact with me, your peers, mastermind and get additional questions answered.
  • Accountability to help hold you to a higher standard of productivity which otherwise doesn’t exist in network marketing. You’ll learn to be self-employed and start showing up the way you need to in order to thrive in this business. 
  • The Fearless Networker ‘Simplified’ Activity Tracker to help you track your revenue producing activity each week. 
"When Does it Start?"
The next A-Team Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive will begin on Tuesday February 13th 2018 at 6pm Pacific Time.  

We meet weekly on a Private Conference Bridge or Webinar Meeting Room for 12-Consecutive Weeks at that same time.  

Each weekly training call will be approximately 60-minutes in length and ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED. If you miss a week or can’t make a few of the training calls, you will be given full access to all the trainings that you might have missed so that you can catch up with the group.    

If you are serious about moving your business in a forward direction and want to start taking the kind of effective actions you know you SHOULD be taking, then register immediately before we close this thing out.    
The PRICE for A-Team is only a
There is also a Two-Payment Option Available in the Shopping Cart.   
If you’re still reading this and haven’t clicked the ADD TO CART button…maybe you’re not yet convinced.  

What would it be worth to you if you only sponsored ONE new person per week as a result of applying the strategies I’m teaching during the A-Team Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive?  

Do you realize that it only takes ONE PERSON who takes off in your business to put you in the position of having HUGE success in network marketing? Just one.  

Here’s what you’ll discover about network marketing. It literally only takes ONE good person to lead you to financial security. ONE.  

If I pour ALL of me into you for 12-straight weeks and you APPLY even a percentage of what I’m teaching you, it would be virtually impossible for you to NOT sponsor more people.  

I promise you this…I’ll give you 100% of me for 12-weeks. I’ll give you everything that I’ve got, ALL of my 26+ years of doing network marketing into each week I’m training.  

Let me break it down for you. $41.58. 
That’s what it boils down to. For less than $50 a week, you get to be in the most comprehensive Prospecting and Accountability Training Program I’ve ever produced. 
What’s $41.58 a week getting you now?

A mediocre meal with a friend. 
A movie with the family, without popcorn.  
A tank of gas. 
A run to Home Depot.  
A few coffees a week.  

YOU are the BEST INVESTMENT you could ever make.  

I learned a long time ago that the ONE THING worth investing my money in was my personal development. And…it has paid off handsomely.  

Stop Thinking and Start Acting. It’s your time to shine!  

Let’s make it happen together!
Only a ONE-TIME PAYMENT of $499!
P.S. Nobody is here to hold you accountable right now. You can simply click off this website and pretend you never saw the answer to whatever challenges you’re currently facing in your business, OR you can simply join now and radically change your life…Click BIG Yellow button above now.