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"Become more consistent and confident building your business! Learn the exact strategies that have made Todd Falcone the most well-respected prospecting and recruiting coach in the Network Marketing profession!"

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"Todd’s integrity and professionalism are what this industry is all about. I love the fact that Todd’s main goal is to help Network Marketers grow their business." 

Ben Sturtevant

"Todd is able to breakdown the essentials of sales and business building into a form that allows people of all levels to become masterful producers."

Susan Sly

"Todd’s expertise lies in the fact that he has experienced network marketing from the distributor side – and he’s a great teacher. His strategies are relevant."

Margie Aliprandi

"Todd Falcone is one of the best network marketers I know. He is a prospecting pro and knows EXACTLY what it takes to massively succeed in network marketing."

Jordan Adler

“Todd Falcone was instrumental in teaching me how to prospect. He is a machine…and can teach anyone how to get better results while prospecting.” 

Mike Dillard

"My biggest success in Network Marketing has always come from recruiting professional people.  And…Todd is the MASTER at teaching people how to do it!.”

Jarrod Wilkins


12 Week LIVE Virtual Training

April 6th, 2021

12 Week LIVE Virtual Training
Stop Crawling. Stop Playing Small ...And Get Ready to Become an A-Player!
Are you serious and committed to taking your business to a higher level? Do you want feel more confident and sure of yourself?  Would you like to STOP procrastinating and get more done??  Want to learn exactly what it takes to succeed?  If so, A-TEAM is for YOU.

A-TEAM is your chance to get in-depth, high-level coaching from Todd Falcone, renowned business coach and mentor. In this 12 week, high-intensity virtual training program, Todd will help you make the leap from being an average networker to a MASTER Networker.
Here’s what you'll discover 
during my upcoming 12-week A-Team:
  •  How to Become a Masterful Rapport Builder and Connector and never again have one of those ‘awkward’ moments when getting to know someone.
  • How to Increase your Personal Charisma making you a ‘magnet’ for success. 
  • How to Completely Stand Out from the “Pack” and never again be that person that they can’t seem to remember.  
  • How to Become a Referral Generating Machine and have people happily sending you more referrals than you can possibly handle.   
  • How to Crush it in your Warm Market without ever alienating a single friend who looks at you like you’re ‘using’ them to make money. 
  • How to Dominate on Social Media and put attraction marketing at the forefront of what you do online.  
  • How to Recruit Professional, High Quality People into your Business so you can focus on bringing in the kind of people who actually DO something rather than simply give you “lip-service.” 
  • How to Become a Master at Networking in Social Groups like Meetup.com, Facebook Groups and other Networking functions.     
  • How to Recruit People Literally Everywhere you Go and never be perceived as “that person who can’t ever seem to shut up about their business.”
  • How to Master the Art of Cold Market Prospecting and feel completely comfortable talking to someone you’ve never met before.   
  • How to Tell Powerful and Intriguing Stories that cause people to give you their credit card on the spot to join you.  
  • How to Increase your Posture and Confidence even if you haven’t made any money yet. 
  • How to Recruit at Least One Person a Week even if you are working your business only a few hours a week
  • How to Become a Follow Up Pro and never again let anyone slip through the cracks or ever feel as if you’re ‘chasing’ people.  
  • How to Overcome or Obliterate Literally Any Objection and never again worry about what tough question a prospect is going to throw your way. 
  • How to Close Bigger Packages to help you create a higher percentage of success stories on your team.
  • How to Easily Turn Customers into Productive Distributors.  
  • How to Eliminate Call Reluctance and Prospecting Fear for Good so you never again sit at your desk ‘twiddling your thumbs’ and angry that you let another day of productivity pass you by.  
  • How to Quickly Get Past Frustration and Discouragement so that you stay focused, on task and get back to business quickly. 
  • How to Leave Intriguing Messages that Get People to Call you Back.   
  • How to Effectively Use your Company’s Guarantee to get people who are on the fence to make a decision now.  
  • How to Increase your Credibility and Be More Convincing so more people take you seriously and want to join you on your journey.  
  • How to Make 100% Sure that you are Constantly Improving your Prospecting Skills so that you don’t find yourself stuck, in a rut or feel like you’re slipping backwards.  
  • How to Execute a Recruiting Blitz and get more people on your team to step up their personal recruiting game.  
  • How to Move AWAY from using Scripts so that you sound more authentic and real. 
A-TEAM could very well the best investment 
in your Network Marketing career.
Investing in yourself has a higher return on investment than any other activity. A-TEAM is exclusive 12 week training program for those with the desire to become an A-PLAYER in their network marketing company.

In this LIVE virtual training, your limiting beliefs will be brought to the surface and you'll be pushed to think about what’s holding you back, so you can make a dramatic change in your network marketing business and life.

Quick question for you...

Would it surprise you to know that people who are succeeding in Network Marketing are still dealing with issues of self-doubt, fear, playing it small, procrastination, etc?

Becoming someone that people admire and aspire to be can be terrifying. No matter what type of success you’ve had up to this point, perhaps these questions have entered your mind:
  •  Am I strong enough? 
  •  Do I have the confidence to do this?
  •  Will people see my weaknesses? 
  •  Do I really have what it takes to change people’s lives?
The answer to all these questions is YES! 

But you want to learn how to change your mindset first.

Doing A-TEAM, you'll be pushed hard to overcome the challenges unique to A-Players and to reach your fullest potential. 

Todd will not only be working on skills and fundamentals. He'll be working with you on your mindset. You'll discover your limiting beliefs and how to breakthrough them. 

You'll look at what's holding you back and get proven strategies to move forward and hit your goals.
In the end you'll have a defined purpose and a stronger drive. You'll feel more invigorated, educated and enlighten. You'll have the ability to influence others more effectively (without being pushy or salesyand become an A-Player.
"A-Team is Your Personal Trainer for Your Business!"
A-Team has always been and will always be first and foremost an Accountability Program designed to help people step up to their higher potential and DO the things they WANT to do, but for many reasons just can’t seem to do it at the level they know they’re capable of.  

A-Team is a lot like hiring a personal fitness trainer, but for your business. If you’ve ever worked out with a personal fitness trainer, you know that you when you’re working out with your trainer…you push way harder than you would by working out all alone.  

A-Team is a 12-Week Accountability and Intensive Training Program that helps you to get laser focused on revenue producing activities and become hyper-aware of what you’re doing or not doing in your business.

During the A-Team you’ll be tracking very specific business building activities so you know exactly what you need to change in order to produce more and become the successful network marketer you want to be.  

Are You Ready To Become an A-Player and Skyrocket To The TOP RANK in Your Company?
Over the past 12 years of running back-to-back A-Teams several times a year…there’s always been a “training component” to the program. 

While the focus has always been on Accountability and helping people step up to a higher level of productivity…we’ve always provided training.  

The challenge has always been not having enough time to cover ALL of the subjects we want to cover in one 12-Week A-Team session. That’s all changed…

This ALL NEW, HIGHLY SPECIALIZED PROGRAM is 100% focused on teaching every aspect of prospecting and recruiting you can imagine.  

During the 12-weeks…you’re going to learn every trick in the book when it comes to prospecting and recruiting. And …I do mean EVERY trick in the book.  

I’m literally going to spend every waking moment of this experience diving deep into prospecting and recruiting skills and strategies.

You will NOT want to miss out on this training, so I highly recommend you grab your spot today. Don't take my word for it, keep reading below and hear from some of the A-Players who have taken this training program.

Here's What A-Players Are Saying After Going Through Todd's A-TEAM Intensive Training...
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Julie Hansberry
Kristina Lesikar
Matt Laporte
Cheri Alguire
Jeff McGeary
Paula Fontinel
Brett Eater
Mary Schroeder
Yep, here's some more A-Player Stories...
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Ben Powell
Staci Bockman
Roy Uhl
Casey Eberhart
Colette Ellis
Dan Elias
Gwen Field
Malina Denny
Bill Smith
Now Is Your Time To Become an A-Player!
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Here’s What You're Going to Get During A-Team:
  • 12-Weeks of LIVE Intensive Training exclusively on the subject of Prospecting and Recruiting. 
  • Weekly Access to Me with ample time each week to ask questions and gain clarity on subjects being taught.
  • Private A-Team Facebook Group to interact with me, your peers, mastermind and get additional questions answered.
  • Accountability to help hold you to a higher standard of productivity which otherwise doesn’t exist in network marketing. You’ll learn to be self-employed and start showing up the way you need to in order to thrive in this business. 
  • The Fearless Networker Activity Tracker to help you track your revenue producing activity each week. 
  • Plus much more... 
The next A-Team training will begin on Tuesday Apr 6th, 2021 at 6pm Pacific Time.

We meet weekly in a Private Zoom Room for 12-Consecutive Weeks at that same time.  

Each weekly training call will be approximately 60-minutes in length and ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED. If you miss a week or can’t make a few of the training sessions, you will be given full access to all the trainings that you might have missed so that you can catch up with the group.    

If you're serious about moving your business in a forward direction and want to start taking the kind of effective actions you know you SHOULD be taking, then register immediately before we close this thing out.
The PRICE for A-Team is only a
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